Course Descriptions

DISCovering Communication Styles – 4 clock hours  $40 NEW CLASS

This course introduces participants to the most effective ways to communicate with buyers, sellers, lenders, title/escrow representatives, co-workers and others through self-assessment, interpretation and application of DISC behavioral style research. Students will learn strategies to “adapt” their interactions with different styles to achieve complementary dialogue.

Topics covered include:

  • Understanding perceptions of one’s “Blind Spots” through learning about Johari Window and Behavior Reaction Model
  • Behaviors vs. Personality; why understanding DISC styles is important when communicating with buyers/sellers/others
  • “In the moment” situational factors may require me to leave my comfort zone to achieve preferable outcomes
  • Apply concepts to example scenarios and self–development, personal action plan

Serving Seniors with Reverse Mortgages  – 3 clock hours $30

Live Instruction
Learn the basics of reverse mortgages and recent changes that have made them more attractive.  With 10,000 Baby Boomers turning 62 daily and over $6 trillion in Home Equity amongst your senior clients, reverse mortgages are a tool you will need to understand to properly serve them.  Learn how the HECM (Home Equity Conversion Mortgage) can be used to buy a home and when it should be considered as part of a retirement strategy.

Success Strategies  –  4 Clock Hours $40

Live Instruction
Is there a difference between Marketing and Prospecting? Absolutely!!
Do you have a written plan that focuses on both Marketing and Prospecting?
This class will help you analyze what you are currently doing and develop plans that will work to increase your business!

Senior Solutions  –  3 Clock Hours $30

Live Instruction
Are Seniors a demographic group worth focusing on?  Statistics say they are!  But working with Seniors is not the same as working with younger folks.  These folks are frequently terrified of what the future holds for them and they often have both financial and physical challenges to overcome.  Learn what their fears are and how to work with them to get through the process of selling and buying.  Become the source for solutions to their problems.

Negotiating & Writing Contracts 4 Clock Hours $40

Live Instruction
An interactive class discussing negotiating techniques  –  what works and what doesn’t.
Students will also discuss 3 different case scenarios and review which MLS forms they should use and why.

Online Marketing: How to Build Relationships Online 4 clock hours $40

Live Instruction
This course is developed to help the real estate agent:

  • Build an online presence through the use of a website
  • How to effectively use social media networks
  • Capitalize on the use of images and videos in marketing
  • To blog or not to blog
  • How to stay out of trouble with the DoL!
  • And more.

2016 LIVE Classroom – NMLS 8+1 Hour WA SAFE Comprehensive CE RESPA FHA 203K Ethics $119.98

Live Instruction
Provider ID # 1400062 NMLS approved course #5960 and #6116
This course will satisfy the 8 hour SAFE and 1 hour Washington continuing education requirement for 2016


Staged to Sell 3 clock hours $30

Live Instruction
Every real estate agent knows that a well staged home sells faster and for a higher dollar amount. This course will assist the agent in working with their seller to:

  • Explain the benefits of home staging
  • How to stage a home in a diversified world
  • What is a ‘targeted buyer’
  • When should you bring a home stager in to the listing process
  • Guide the agent and seller in selecting a qualified home stager

Slaying Real Estate Monsters ~ 4 Clock Hours $40

Live Instruction
Ever have a monster show up in your transaction?  A failing septic, no road maintenance agreement, a buyer’s fear of cancer because of proximity to ASARCO?
This course deals with those issues and more with tips on how to spot the problems (before they become monsters!!), ideas for solutions and sources for more info.

CORE: Current Issues in Washington Residential Real Estate ~ 3 Clock Hours $30

Live Instruction
This course meets the requirement of RCW 18.85.211 and WAC 308-124A-790.  Every licensee must take this course each renewal period.  This CORE will address:

The 2018-2019 CORE class covers:

  • Consumer Protection Act law suits
  • Common complaints the DOL sees;
  • What agents need to know about marriage equality
  • The Hirst Decision and its impact on property values
  • What agents need to know about being part of a tem
  • And more!

Ethics, License Law & You ~ 3 Clock Hours $30

Live Instruction
This class is based on the 2017 Code of Ethics and will satisfy the NAR quadrennial requirement for REALTORS®. Students will discuss the following:

  • Compare the Code of Ethics to RCW 18.85 (License Law)
  • Review the role a code of ethics plays in a successful business
  • Review the enforcement process for REALTORS and the Department of Licensing
  • Review the most frequently violated Articles in the Code of Ethics

Agency: Stripped Down ~ 4 Clock Hours $40

Live Instruction
The Law of Real Estate Agency had some significant changes in July 2013. Are you up to date on them? And are you conducting your business in the correct way? Some of the issues covered:

  • Duties to the client even if you are a non-agent
  • New Dual Agency requirements
  • Agency when selling your own listing
  • Buyer Broker agreements
  • Retainer fees—when and how to use them

Business Planning for the Real Estate Professional – 4 Clock Hours $40 Live Instruction

Do you know how many closed sales you must have to reach your goals in the next 12 months, 3 years or 5 years? Do you know how much you need to spend on your business to get where you want to be?
Come to this class and learn how to calculate what you need to do to reach your goals.

You will learn:

  • How to determine the total number of sales you need
  • How to track your progress
  • Understand the role goal setting plays in your ultimate success
  • Focus on the 3 key areas you must attain in order to reach your economic goals
  • Identify the most common marketing, licensing and operational expenses you should focus on
  • And much more!

Instructor Development Workshop ~ 15 clock hours $195 Live Instruction

This class meets the requirements of the Department of Licensing for those individuals wishing to teach clock hours classes. It will also help you gain better presentation skills for your clients and customers as well as improve your ability to speak in front of groups such as your church, PTA, networking groups, etc.

You will learn:

  • Your own strengths and weaknesses
  • How to understand different personality types and how to deal with them in the classroom
  • Techniques that make the learning experience valuable
  • How to stimulate participation in the classroom
  • How to deal with problems in the classroom
  • What the DOL expects in the CE classroom

Lead Generation for the Real Estate Professional ~ 3 Clock Hours $30 Live Instruction and Correspondence

Ever wonder why some agents just seem to have business fall in their lap and you don’t? It all boils down to Lead Generation. How are you doing it and where. This course will explore multiple avenues of finding buyers and sellers as well as cover issues such as:

  • Determining who is a worthwhile clients
  • Is coaching for you
  • What are others doing that makes them money
  • How to rate yourself
  • Questions to ask before you spend money
  • Communication methods that bring results

Transaction Problem Solving – 4 Clock Hours $40 Live Instruction

Your transaction is moving smoothly then you hit a snag. What do you do first? Call your client? Call your Designated Broker? Call the other agent? Do you know what information you need to have to help your client reach a decision? All these questions and more should be addressed before making the first move.
This class will present you with 15 puzzles – all real transactions or listings. Brainstorm with other agents to come up with solutions to the puzzles. And yes. You will find out what really happened in the end.