As we come to the year end we pause for a moment to look back on an amazing year.

We have been privileged to meet so many agents who are focused on providing their clients top service along with up to the minute knowledge.  They keep us challenged to stay on our toes and stay current

We have added new instructors this year along with new courses such as:

  • Social Media Essentials for Real Estate,
  • Discovering Communication Styles
  • Serving Seniors with Reverse Mortgages
  • Senior Solutions
  • Finance 101
  • Fraud, Forgery
  • …and Other Flights of Fancy and of course, the new CORE

The CORE class changes every 2 years and the 2018-2019 class will be available in January.  DOL out did themselves with the curriculum including such items as 2 court cases that clearly demonstrate the hazards of running afoul of the Consumer Protection Act, clarifying how buyers take title, some of the legislative bills that didn’t pass that affect property values and the ability of folks to build on their own land (hopefully the Legislature will fix the Hirst Decision in 2018!!

There is a review of complaints the DOL sees over and over again as well as discussion on the requirements that Teams must meet to be in compliance.  Teams are growing and agents need to understand the pros and cons of running a team or being a part of one

And there is some review of items in the past CORE.  Seems some agents just don’t learn it the first time

I have been creating CORE classes for a number of years.  In my humble opinion this was the most challenging to write and required a lot of research but I think it is THE BEST CORE I have ever seen.  I am excited to be able to teach this class!

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