Do you do more than is expected of you?

The agent stopped by his seller’s house on his way home, something he did each week.  The property was vacant; the sellers had moved out of state.

The property was due to close in two weeks and he felt good about getting a quick, clean offer and a smooth transaction.  Until he noticed lights on in the house.

He went in and found the buyers in the house remodeling the bathroom.  He escorted them out and demanded the keys they had.  They weren’t happy; after all, their agent had told them it would be OK.

The selling agent had more than a decade in the business and should have known better.  The listing agent filed a report with the MLS and the selling agent received a hefty fine.

Doing the right thing…that’s Due Diligence defined!

While it was a bit inconvenient for the listing agent to go check on a vacant listing every week he felt it was part of his job to make sure the property was not vandalized.  He viewed his actions as ‘due diligence’ and part of the service he offered sellers.  It’s no surprise he is a top producing agent with that kind of attitude!!

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