The real estate market is turning and we are seeing an uptick in folks taking the pre-license exam.  Is a real estate career a good choice for you?  We recommend you do some careful study before rushing in to take the required courses and exams.

First, interview a number of agents in different offices.  Are they happy with their career choice?  What lessons can they share from their beginning years of what they would have done differently? Then interview offices.  Talk directly to the Designated Broker or the Branch Manager – these are the folks that have to answer to the Department of Licensing.

The number 1 question to ask:  Are you a full time Designated Broker/Branch Manager or must you sell to make a living?  Nationwide, the number 1 reason agents switch companies is lack of management support.  If you are interviewing in a small company – 20 or less – then that manager will most likely have to sell to survive but in a small company they will still have time for you.  But if you are interviewing in a much larger office and the manager has to sell to survive you will not have the support you need in those first years.

The last question you should be concerned with is commission compensation.  If you don’t management support you won’t be around in 2 years to be able to get to a position of higher commissions.

Once you have done your interviewing then check out schools that offer pre-license courses.  They can be found on the DOL’s website at on pages 56 & 57.  Some schools offer only online courses, some offer live courses and some offer both.

Determine what works best as a learning method for you.  Some folks love online; some are put to sleep with it and need live courses.

Our school offers evening live courses.  Check out our website at: for schedules and to register.

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