Google this question and lots of info will pop up.  I spent a good half hour scrolling through blogs about this question and there was good advice to be had however one question that home buyers and sellers SHOULD be asking was never addressed.  That question is:  who is the agent I will be dealing with?

Sounds like a strange question, right?  But in today’s world of real estate teams, and some are mega-teams, it is a question a seller or buyer should have the answer for.

If an agent says they do more than 50 transactions a year they will have help because a one-man operation can’t do that kind of volume alone.  Who is the help?  Is it just an assistant or is it a team of agents and assistants?  And what happens if you need to get a hold of your agent for some reason? Will you be able to connect directly with your agent or will you have to go through an assistant or receptionist and possibly run into critical time delays?

There is nothing more infuriating that signing a contract to list or sell your property and then finding out you can never get a hold of your agent again.  You may keep getting pawned off on an assistant or another agent who is not familiar with your property, your situation or you!

Find out up front who you will be working with and it should be the agent in front of you and it should be the agent whose name is on the contract – after all, they are the licensee that will be liable if there is a problem and you want it to be crystal clear how you will be communicating with your agent and how often.

Buying or selling a home is a complicated process.  It isn’t just about how many deals an agent closes but how they close those deals and communication is a critical factor in successful real estate transactions.

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